The look

Before your photoshoot I would like you to think about the style of photos that like.

Are you after flowing dresses, silhouettess, nude, underwear shots or a mix of all?

It's your photoshoot, so I want you to be comfortable and have fun.  


If you have a cultural dress that you would like to wear or a theme you would like to explore please let me know. I love coming up with new ideas and am always happy to try new things. 

I also have a selection of accesories at the studio from Indian sarees to African beaded jewellery


Please let me know when you book your photoshoot if you would like your parter or any children to attend, so we can discuss their clothing, as we want it to compliment the look that you are after. 

If you bring your family you will still have plenty of photos on your own as the main focus is you and your beautiful bump! 

Your list

Screen shot this list or better still add it to your bookmarks on your phone so you can make sure you don't forget anything. 

- Black, white and Nude underwear (Bra and Knickers). As some of the dresses are slightly sheer we want to ensure that your underwear does not show through with my camera lighting.  Try not to bring "big kickers" as these can also show through too much. 

- Nude underwear means to your skin tone. There are some great websites that have "nude" options for all skin colours. 

- Strapless bras are useful 

- Nails. Please have nude / neutral nail varnish without any chips. Bright nails / coloured or bright white french tips can disctract from the bump and your face so try and be neutral with them.  Please also avoid glitter. This is the same with feet. 

- Hair and Make up. You should arrive at the studio with this already done.  Have your make up done more than you would do normally, so it creates a more glamerous look. With bare make up the skin can look "washed out" under my studio lights. Same goes with your hair. Feel free to send me a photos of yourself so I can advise. 

-Avoid highlighters on your face as these create too much shine with my studio lighting. 

-Bring your make up bag and hair brush/ comb to allow for any touch-ups. 

- Feel free to bring any statement jewellery - we may or may not use it. 

- Heels. You wont be walking in them so if you can bring a black pair and some others then please do so. We may/ may not use them.

- Your own clothes. Please discuss this with me prior to the photoshoot. 

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