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Your newborn photoshoot will last around 2.5 hours and max 3 hours. Please arrive on time as a lateness of 15 minutes or more will result in a cancelled photoshoot.


Even though my newborn photoshoots have quite natural posing, your baby will still need to be put in certain positions and remain calm and ideally asleep. To assist your baby in sleeping I keep the environment warm and sometimes use white/background noise. Durning the photoshoot I will also wrap your baby so they can feel cosy, this can once again help with settling. Feeding can also help with this and if your baby is fractious I may suggest a comfort feed. There is no one rule for babies so whilst some babies will sleep throughout the entire photoshoot, others will need a lot more attention. As such I am unable to guarantee any specific poses but will always aim to provide a full gallery.

My newborn style is very simple, natural and I don't tend to use many props. That way all the focus is on your baby... just as it should be :)


Your newborn photoshoot will have 3 sections....



All newborn photoshoots with me start with a very natural and white set up, with little or no props. This gives all attention to your new baby.

Baby boy newborn photoshoot in mint green by Sonya Harrap


This is where all the blankets, outfits, textures and wraps come out. We will discuss the colour that you would like your baby photographed in.

Sonya Harrap Newborn Photography Hertfordshire--5


There will be time for family and sibling photos during your newborn/ baby photoshoot. Try and keep colours neutral or soft or you can opt for the black and white set up.


Please have a read of the following list. Feel free to screen shot it and use it as a checklist. Then scroll down and read the FAQ's.

Your list

Please bring with you the following:

What should your baby wear?

You don't need to bring any outfits for your baby unless you really want to. If so please discuss this with me beforehand.

Please dress your baby in a romper with poppers so it's easier for me to remove this without disturbing them too much. Try and keep layers to a minimum and avoid anything that needs to go over their head. I appreciate that this isn't always possible in cold weather.

-a newborn dummy/ pacifier.

Although you may not be using one with your baby, it does help with settling baby when we have a limited amout of hours to get through many set ups. Please note that your baby will not form an attachment to a dummy in the 3 hours that you will be at the studio.

-10 Nappies. You may not use them all but babies are in and out of them, so it's best to be preparred.

-Nappie sacks-Please bring these to dispose of dirty nappies.

-Change bag.

ie, what you would bring with you when you take baby out, including wipes and nappy sacks etc. This may be the first visit you are making with baby so if you have any questions please call me.

-A black or dark outfit without any patterns or logos. If you like the black and white look on my website than please bring this. They can be vests, t-shirts etc. Please note that this is not for baby, just the family.

-Smart casual/ smart outfits that you would like to be photographed in for your family section. Please choose outfits that compliment each other and avoid patterns and thin stripes (pin stripes). I would be more tham happy to discuss clothing options with you prior to the photoshoot.

Depending on time it may only be possible to do one family set up. Sometimes if the baby takes long to settle then I would prefer to focus on their photos then 2 family set ups.

-Heritage clothing. If you have clothes that represent your heritage and you would like a photo with them please let me know beforehand. I love heritage clothing such as sarees, African prints, eastern Europe traditional clothing and head attire. (obviously this is optional).

-Snacks for yourself.

The photoshoot is on average 2.5 hours so please come equipped with snacks for yourselves and any children.

-Hairbrush/ make up.

Please arrive to the studio with hair and make up done. Try and spend time on this to make the most of your photoshoot. Bring a brush and make up bag for any last minute touch ups. Please avoid highlighter as this shows up terribly under my studio lights.

-Things to take note of.

The studio is very warm to allow your baby to be comfortable during the photoshoot. Please avoid wearing big jumpers. Layers work well.

-Hands and feet. Your hands will feature a lot in these photos so either have no nail varnish or pale, nude varnish that will work with each set up.


-A spare set of clothes. When I photograph a baby without a nappy it can be a little hazardous for us all. Having a spare set of clothes for parents can help with any little accidents.


Payment will be due on the day of your photoshoot unless you have received this as a special offer with the Maternity shoot.


Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the questions below...

What if my baby cries?

I have been photographing Newborn babies for over 10 years and I can honestly say that no two baby's and no two photoshoots are ever the same.

Some newborns sleep throughout the whole photoshoot and some need a little more attention.I leave enough time to get photos of your baby alone and within the family set up. If your baby is unwell please let me know prior to the photoshoot. Please do not schedule your photoshoot the day after their immunisation injections.

How long do I need to wait to see my photos?

Following your photoshoot I will start editing your photos to get them to the high standard that you have seen in my Newborn gallery. This process takes up to 4 weeks. You will then be invited back to the studio to view and choose your photos. Any digital photos that you choose will be supplied to you digitally at your viewing session. Please note that digital sales are final and you will not be able to swap them or refund should you change your mind.


What happens if I am running late?

Your appointment time, to and from, will be on the confirmation that has been sent. Lateness beyond 20 minutes will result in the photoshoot being rescheduled to the next available date. This is subject to the availability. If there is no other date available then your deposit will be refunded or your photoshoot moved to a 6 month session.



There is no set number of photos that I present at the viewing. I aim to get the best photos of your baby and your family and these are what I show. The average is 15 but this can be more of less depending on the if you have family photos taken, if your baby was settled and sleeping or not and if the session started on time.

Do you use my photos for promotional work?

From time-to-time I update my website and my social media with client photos that I have taken. Please do say if you do not want your photos on my website. I also enter my best photos into monthly professional photography competitions. If your photo wins or comes in 1st, 2nd or 3rd, you will receive a free print of the winning image. By booking with me you agree to this, unless you tell me otherwise.

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