Planning YOUR cake smash PHOTOSHOOT


Blues or something a little different? We can go for ballon arches, paper fans and character themes. Have a look through the different styles and let me know. 


Are  you looking for full on girly pink or something a little bit more subtle? Floral, ballon arches or somthing different. Have a look through the different styles and let me know. 


You don't need to go for girly or boy themes. Neutral, natural and bohi cake smash themes are very popular and can be tailored to your child. 

Your list

Screen shot this list or better still add it to your bookmarks on your phone so you can make sure you don't forget anything. 

- The cake. Due to childrens allergies I do not supply the cake. You can Buy one from a cakemaker, buy a super market one or make it yourself. Please ensure it is iced with buttercream, it doesnt need to be thick. But don't put the cake in the fridge before the shoot or it will go hard. 

- Outfit for the smash. I have outfits at the studio which you can use. Just ask me beforehand. or buy your own. 

- Snacks and a drink for baby.

- Towel for the bath section. Soap/ bubbles are optional 

- Note to parents. You will get messy, so avoid wearing your nicest clothes or bring a spare set. Also socks tend to get wet at the bath section.. a spare set helps.  

Click here to go to the Cake smash gallery for theme ideas.

Screen shot the ones you like and let me know. 

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