Weird Pregnancy things that happen to your body

So firstly I’m not a healthcare professional so if there is something that you are worried about please do not use this article as a reference. That’s what the NHS is for.


Pregnancy can be quite the roller coaster ride, and experiences vary greatly from person to person. Personally, I've navigated through multiple miscarriages and have had three children, each pregnancy unique in its own right. Drawing from my observations as a maternity photographer over 10 years, along with some light advice, here are some lesser-known and weird aspects of pregnancy:


Heightened Libido: Around the second trimester, some individuals experience a strong urge for sex, often characterized by a desire for quick, intense orgasms. This surge in libido is attributed to hormonal changes, and there are various pregnancy-friendly positions to explore with your partner, or failing that there is nothing wrong with some alone time. Just stock up on the batteries :)


Hair Changes: While many expectant mothers enjoy thicker, luscious hair, others may find their hair becoming greasier or notice new growth in unexpected areas like their stomach, the upper chest and shoulders. Postpartum, some may experience hair loss due to fluctuating hormone levels, which typically resolves within a few months. I found that I would loose a lot at the front around my hairline and then they would all grow back like baby hair after a few months. This happened on all my pregnancies.


Hyperpigmentation: This condition, marked by darkening of the skin, can manifest anywhere on the body, often becoming noticeable on the baby bump. Treatment options vary. I have a very annoying patch on my jawline and am looking at laser treatment so I'll update this post if/ when I try it.


Ptyalism/Hyper Salivation: Ptyalism, or excessive saliva production, is a lesser-known condition during pregnancy, potentially causing discomfort and social anxiety for some individuals. women that suffer with this can produce up to 2 litres of excess saliva per day.


Leg Cramps: Commonly experienced during pregnancy, leg cramps can be particularly painful and may occur frequently, with relief typically following childbirth. These arose during every one of my pregnancies and were incredibly painful.


Itching: Itching is a common complaint during pregnancy and can vary in severity.


Fear of Childbirth: Many expectant mothers experience apprehension about childbirth, and it's essential to discuss any concerns with healthcare providers for support and guidance.


Foot Size Increase: Due to swelling and hormonal changes, foot size may increase during pregnancy. I have a whole draw filled with beautiful heals that no longer fit me. The only plus side is that I treated myself to some new ones.


Ribs expand- I knew about the hips expanding but I had no idea your Ribs expand in pregnancy too.


Wobbling Teeth: While tooth loss during pregnancy is less common today due to improved dental care, hormonal changes can lead to increased acidity in the mouth and potential tooth mobility. Good oral hygiene is key to maintaining dental health. Don't forget that dental checks are free when pregnant in the UK so make use of that and get your teeth checked out.


Vivid Dreams: Intensely detailed or surreal dreams are commonly reported during pregnancy, attributed to heightened emotional and psychological experiences.


Clumsiness: As the baby bump grows, expectant mothers may find themselves bumping into things more frequently, leading to random bruises.


Discharge: Yep I said it. Increased Vaginal discharge due to increased hormones can be quite a shock for some women. Stock up on panty liners and remember discoloured or foul smelling discharge should be mentioned with your care team.


Snoring: Increased nasal congestion and swelling of blood vessels during pregnancy can contribute to snoring but don't worry, you'll be asleep so you wont know about it :) Plus in my case it was payback for all the nights my husband kept me awake due to his snoring!


Remember, it's essential to prioritize your well-being during pregnancy, and consulting a healthcare provider whenever needed is crucial for a smooth journey. It's your pregnancy, and you deserve to feel confident and supported throughout the process.

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