Newborn and baby photography

Little Teeny Tiny Newborn Babies, with tiny hands and feet. Photographing Newborn babies is an absolute joy for me and I plan on making it an enjoyable experience for you. Newborn photography sessions are an opportunity for you to capture your precious new baby in their very first days. Curled up and squishy like they were in the womb…
Have a look at the gallery below of just some of the lovely babies I have been lucky enough to photograph…below the gallery you will be able to read more information on the photo-shoot.

Newborn photography usually takes place at my home studio in Welwyn Garden city in Hertfordshire.
At my Studio will find an array of props, blankets, backdrops and wraps to make your baby’s photographs truly unique to you. My aim to to make this a calm and enjoyable experience for you and to present you with a set of photographs of your new addition and family that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Photographing Newborn babies does take time and I allocate up to 4 hours for the photo-shoot. This may sound like a long time but this is often needed as in-between photos your baby will need to be settled, changed and possibly fed; all of which can take a little while. I will aim to do a number of different poses and set ups as well as parent and baby photographs, that way you can have a varied and full selection of beautifully composed and edited photographs. In order to keep baby calm and hopefully asleep the studio is usually very warm. This is to mimic the environment that the baby had in the womb; warm and cosy. So I will recommend that you and your parter wear layers so you can remain comfortable.

Newborn photography is best in the first 21 days of babies birth; this is when babies are usually very sleepy and easier to move around from set up to set up. After this point babies can become more alert and are easily woken up whilst posing and changing. For this reason I do suggest that you contact me in your 7th, 8th or 9th month or pregnancy so I can get you pencilled in for the month surrounding your due date. I never suggest an actual date before the baby is born as we never know when these little bundles will be ready to come out but I do pencil in a few dates and once baby is born I can get you booked in properly.

However don’t worry of you haven’t booked your session before this time. Some of the babies you see on this gallery are over that age and still photograph beautifully… it can just take a little longer.
A Newborn Photoshoot is £250 and includes 5 beautifully edited digital photos on on USB. For more information about pricing and to book please click here.

My newborn photo-shoots also include family photos, It’s such a wonderful time having a newborn, even though you may not feel it with lack of sleep and emotions being raised, however I always suggest that a few photos are taken of parents and baby so that in years to come (when sleep is actually a thing) you can look back and have some beautiful photos of this wonderful time. Here are just a small selection of the parents that I have photographed with their newborns.

Click on the photos below to see short videos from some newborn photoshoots.


Thanks for having a look at my Newborn and infant photograph Gallery and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to book or have any questions.

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