Newborn information

The best time to Photograph your newborn baby

The best time to Photograph a Newborn baby is the usually between 5-14 days. Most babies are very sleepy at this very early age and so easier to "pose". Also they really do not keep that newborn look for a long time and most parents find that after 3 weeks their baby has already changed a lot. 

The idea of Newborn photoshoots are to capture a baby where they are still curled up and almost in the same positions as they were in the womb, but with pretty blankets and textures to create a warm and cosy feel. 

What if my baby cries

Some babies sleep through the whole session and some babies can need a little more time to settle in-between each set up. This is why I allow up to 4 hours. 

I want this to be a relaxing time for you so if it means that it takes time to feed your baby, that's ok. I have a cosy studio and a nice comfy sofa for you to relax on and when baby is ready again I can get started. 

Do I need to bring any baby outfits

Not unless you want to. 

There is a studio filled with wraps, textures, bowls and outfits so you don't have to bring anything. Sometimes my clients bring a special blanket or gift that they would like photographed with baby but it really isn't necessary. 

Can I bring my family?


It is a very special time and parents and older siblings should be included. As the session can take 4 hours I do suggest that we stick to the minimum amount of people so if you did want to bring anyone else please let me know beforehand so I can advice if this would be possible. 

How many photos do you take on the day?

On the day I will discuss with you the type of photos you want and will take a few images form each set up and group photo. Then at your viewing you will see a gallery of approximately 30 photos to choose from. 

Studio location

My home studio is based in Welwyn garden city. Close to the A1m and in-between two mainline trial stations. 

My clients easily travel from St. Albans, Finchley, Edgware, Harrow, North London, Potters Bar and Hertfordshire. 

How to prepare and what to bring
with you to the photo-shoot
The photoshoot will include a section of just your baby and then a family shoot. 

Please bring along with you the following: 
- Everything that you need for taking baby out.
- Please bring a new-born dummy or pacifier.

- please bring 10 nappies, baby will be getting in and out of nappies. it's better to bring more than you think you will need. 

- Any outfits that you would like to be photographed in. For the family section you should choose clothes that compliment each other. Don't forget shoes.

- A black or dark outfit without any logos or patterns. This could just be a black vest/ t-shirt for the both of you.

- Your baby will be in various wraps and outfits that I have at the studio so you don't need to bring anything for them unless you want to. 

- Any snacks for yourselves. as the shoot can take up to 4 hours you may which to have a little something to eat. 

- hairbrush and make up. In-case you need to do a touch up or do your make up here for your family section.

Things to take note of. 
- the studio is very warm so please avoid any big jumpers and instead opt for layers. 

- Your hands will feature in a lot of the photos so please have them in a nude or pale varnish so that they work will in each set up and colour scheme. 

- Feet will also show in the family portraits so bare that in mind. quite often I have to photoshop holes out of socks. Please keep socks black or dark without patterns.

- please bring a change of clothes to keep in the car. When I photograph, the baby can be without nappies so it can be a little hazardous for us all.  Having a spare set of clothes can help.
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